Scream Apps, Chicks on Speed

Development of various apps for the artist collective Chicks on Speed. The apps represent digital instruments that enable audience members to live compose and mix audio visual scenes projected into the gallery space. First exhibited at Artspace Sydney in March 2013, followed by exhibitions and performances around the globe.

„Turntables“, 2013. Users can play and mix titles from the album „Artstravaganza“ released in 2014. Equipped with pitch, reverse and filter controls and the ability to turn the and scratch the vinyl records.

SCREAM, is a riotous layering of live performance, music, installation and technology by Australia / Europe-based performance / art / music / fashion collective Chicks on Speed.

SCREAM adds a new element into the Chicks on Speed Gesamtkunstwerk – 6 interactive apps developed in residency at the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany that enable audience members to live compose and mix audio visual scenes projected into the gallery space. Unleashed through live performances SCREAM features a giant multifaceted sculptural object upon which Chicks on Speed project a visually chaotic collage. This sculptural structure functions as a stage, a canvas and a playable musical instrument both activated through Chicks on Speed’s extraordinary array of sounds, rhythms, words and image and ‘performed’ by visitors with iPads.

© Artspace, Sydney, 2013
„Scissors“ is a video sampler with the ability to cut video layers into pieces and to create a collage of different sound performance videos. Users can play the collage like a sampler instrument by tapping the video snippets.
„Spray Can“ is a drawing app that generates sound as you spray with different colors and cap sizes.
„Andy Banana“ is a vocoder instrument that peels a banana as you sing. By tilting the mobile device the sound of the vocoder changes.
„High-Heel Guitar“ is a virtual version of the real high-heel instrument created and performed by Chicks on Speed. The strings can be pulled and bend with multiple fingers and create different sounds when released.

„Text, Vodka …“ is an interactive video performance. The performance and music video, with isolated lips of the artists, covers the live camera stream of the viewer and is placed at the tracked mouth location of the viewer in realtime.