CHROMA_LUX, rosalie

In 2009, I developed a custom controller and animation software for this tremendous light sculpture by rosalie with a dimension of 9,5 × 27 meters, hundreds of leds and structured glass panels installed at the ZKM Foyer. The software allowed the artist to create visual choreographies and to use generic input to interact with the light sculpture in realtime.

The audio-visual composition „Cellularium“ based on Conway’s Game of Life uses the algorithmic output of the cellular automaton to form both, the musical and visual score. „Cellularium“ has been premiered in 2009 for the exhibition Imagining Media @ ZKM.

The winners of the Walter-Fink-Prize 2009 rosalie, Humberto Teixeira and Matthias Ockert created in 2009 „Hyperthopsia“ an audio-visual composition and dance choreography in cooperation with the Badisches Staatsballett Karlsruhe. The amplified guitar, played by Matthias Ockert during the show, directly controlled parameters of the visual as well as the audio composition, creating a realtime feedback. A live video stream of the dancers also influenced the visual score to produce a dynamic and energetic visualization.

To allow the audience to directly control and play with the installation I also developed an interactive drawing software to connect to the art screen. Thus by using a touch panel the audience and particularly children were able to illuminate CHROMA_LUX in the entrance hall of the ZKM .

Walter-Fink-Prize 2009


„Cellularium“, by rosalie, Ludger Brümmer, 2009

„Hyperthopsia“ by rosalie, Matthias Ockert, Humberto Teixeira, 2009