MicroSonical Shining Biospheres, SA/JO

MicroSonical Shining Biospheres is an audio-visual art installation by the artist group SA/JO and is inspired by neuro-scientific aesthetics and bionics. The installation investigates the normally inaudible acoustic micro cosmos of animal noises and natural sounds. The resulting audible composition is supported by visualizations on an immersive  180° LED panel screen.

The installation was produced for the 20th anniversary of the ZKM and exhibited in 2009 and early 2010 at the ZKM |Subraum.

The software I wrote in 2010 (LED Composer) allowed the artists to gain more precise control over parameters of the LED installation and served as an easy and flexible way to do further experiments with the custom 180° panel screen. The software freely adapted to different LED panel setups and configurations.

Microsonical Shining Biospheres, SA/JO, 2010