SCREAM, is a riotous layering of live performance, music, installation and technology by Australia / Europe-based performance / art / music / fashion collective Chicks on Speed.

SCREAM adds a new element into the Chicks on Speed Gesamtkunstwerk – 6 interactive apps developed in residency at the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany that enable audience members to live compose and mix audio visual scenes projected into the gallery space. Unleashed through live performances SCREAM features a giant multifaceted sculptural object upon which Chicks on Speed project a visually chaotic collage. This sculptural structure functions as a stage, a canvas and a playable musical instrument both activated through Chicks on Speed’s extraordinary array of sounds, rhythms, words and image and ‘performed’ by visitors with ipads. Text excerpt © Artspace, Sydney, 2013


iPad Screenshots © Jens Barth, 2014
Installation views © Artspace, Sydney Photo: silversalt photography, 2013
Photo of High-Heel Shoe Guitar © Chicks on Speed